When to Harvest Spinach

When to Harvest Spinach: Spinach is a Fast Grower, Loves Cool Weather and is a Superfood!

4 Easy Tips of When to Harvest Spinach…

  • Harvest When Big Enough to Eat
  • Harvest Leaves Typically At 6 Inches
  • Harvest Outer Leaves
  • Spinach Matures at 40-45 Days

Spinach Fun Facts: Spinach is Hydrating. Spinach Boosts One’s Immunity. Spinach is High in Fiber.

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How to Harvest

How to Harvest & How to Pick Your Veggies? These two questions we found ourselves asking. We wanted Simple Answers without All the fluff. That’s when “Pick Your Carrots” was Created. A creation to help others easily learn the basics of when and how to harvest food in the garden.