When to Harvest Potatoes

When to Harvest Potatoes: A Common Question among Gardeners! After, it’s almost like Digging up an Unseen Treasure Beneath the Soil.

4 Easy Tips When to Harvest Potatoes…

  • Harvest Potatoes When Foliage Dies

  • Harvest Potatoes with a Pitchfork
  • Harvest Potatoes When Firm
  • Potatoes Mature at 65 to 75 Days

Potato Fun Facts: Potatoes are Loaded with Antioxidants! Baked Potato Skins have Magnesium & Potassium.

“Your easy-peasy harvest guide. In the simplest terms & in the most convenient of definitions.”

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How to Harvest

How to Harvest & How to Pick Your Veggies? These two questions we found ourselves asking. We wanted Simple Answers without All the fluff. That’s when “Pick Your Carrots” was Created. A creation to help others easily learn the basics of when and how to harvest food in the garden.